Monolithic Dome Homes in Context with the Course

As you can see from the article, the viewpoint of the writer (Kathleen Story who is a Green Building council member, environmentalist and sustainability activist) is from a real estate agent and not really a journalist. In our opinion though, we think it is absolutely fascinating how the same dome structure is being used on a sustainable and global level. This structure can withstand so many natural disasters (tornadoes, fire, wind, water damage, hurricanes etc) so it is adaptable to many different climates. Also, it is a relatively cheap structure to build so it is being used not only in countries such as the US and the UK, but also in third world countries such as Haiti and Indonesia that have been damaged from natural disasters. We think it could really become a phenomenal global trend (and its well on its way) to providing homes to those in disaster zones that otherwise do not have shelter to protect them. DFTW and One Dome At a Time are examples of institutions who are taking these sustainable disaster proof homes and giving back globally. The dome homes around the world are very similar to each other in appearance and perhaps themselves can be a “non-place” because they are found all over the world – From the US to Haiti to South Africa to Indonesia to Japan.


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