Firms That Build Monolithic Domes

There are many firms that build all different sizes of monolithic dome homes. One of the most famous dome homes in the US was built by architect Jonathan Zimmerman and designer Robert Bisset (in the article it said the owner built it, but after doing more research he hired an architect and designer for it) and is located in Pensacola Beach, Florida. This dome was built because their previous home was destroyed by the 1995 hurricanes Erin and Opal and they wanted to have a home that could withstand the hurricanes that rock the coasts of Florida. Zimmerman has since passed away but Robert Bissett’s website is Build Art. Here is an article that talks about how this dome home was able to withstand the force of Hurricane Ivan:


Another firm that builds monolithic dome homes is International Dome Homes Ltd. They build prefabricated 176 pound dome homes, and it is said that their polystyrene dome homes can be put together in about a week with the help or 3-4 people.


Natural Spaces Domes in Minnesota also build the monolithic dome homes and offer standard dome homes as well as customized dome homes. You can find a list of their floor plans here.


Dingley Dell Enterprises in the UK also builds dome homes not only in England but also in South Africa and India. Here is a link to their youtube video where they ask for your vote in a competition that if they win, they will provide 30 dome kits as well as the training and technological support needed to build these dome homes in the Zulu village in South Africa where the Project O children AIDS orphanage is located that was ravished by a tornado:


Architect Nader Khalili of Cal-Earth also builds dome homes with the use of local materials and local help:


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