Article Summary

Monolithic dome homes are sustainable and disaster safe structures that provide protection against tornados, hurricanes and fires.  While some can be very elaborate such as the dome home built in Pensocola Beach, Florida by Mark Sigler, others are very simple prefabricated dome shaped structures (usually around 400 sq. ft) built by non-profit organizations (such as Domes For the World) that can be located in countries such as Indonesia and Haiti to provide shelter for those who otherwise would not have protection against natural disasters such as hurricanes.

These Monolithic dome homes can withstand such natural disasters because of the dome shape which exerts both the same compression on the inside and the outside of the structure because of its arch shape. The dome shape allows heavy rain to flow right off the roof as well as letting strong wind swoop around it without blowing it over. In addition, the polyurethane coating of the structure and the use of cement protects against water damage and fire. Furthermore, because there are no joints or seams, this eliminates water creeping in and also lowers heating and cooling bills. Also, some monolithic dome homes are made out of polystyrene which means no cutting down of trees and no waste!



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